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Domina Kim Website Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Terms of Use:

The purpose of this Privacy Policy (hereinafter or the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use or Terms of Use) is to clarify the rules on the Website. By clicking the "I agree" button you agree to these rules. Any conduct in violation of the rules set out in these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed a violation. For privacy and for the rights reserved to Domina Kim, you are required to abide by the rules. For convenience only, these By-Laws are drafted in a single male language, but refer to the two sexes together, single and / or plural.


General section:
No section shall be subtracted from a previous section, and any section shall be added to another section and shall not be subtracted in any way or form.

Website - login between using a computer and opening it via the cellular.
You are - male, female, single, many. Either directly or through another person or corporation.
Rules - Anything listed in this policy without exception, including titles and preferences.
Consent Button - By clicking the button you acknowledge that you have read all of the above in these Terms and Conditions, you agree to them, and agree to follow the terms of use.
Disagreement - It is clarified and emphasized that if you do not agree to any of the terms set forth in the Rules, whether express or implied, you may not make any use of the Website.
Violation - Any failure to comply with this provision will be considered a violation and will be a cause of action.
Basic Violation - Sections 1, 2.1, 3, 6, 7.1, 7.3, 8.4, 9.1, 10, 11.3. 12. are essential clauses of these Bylaws, their violation shall be considered a fundamental violation which will serve as a cause of action.


1. Policy:
1.1 These Terms and Conditions belong exclusively to Domina Kim only, and these Terms and Conditions apply to copyright. You are not authorized to make any use of the Bylaws, any use of these Bylaws, other than its reading, will constitute a copyright infringement and will be a cause of action. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions require every user of the Website, the Terms of Use will apply from the time of publication, the right to change / add / subtract from the rules reserved to Domina Kim, at any time and in its sole discretion, and apply to each User in accordance with the change.



2. Use of the Website:
2.1 It will be clarified and emphasized that the site publishes content that is not suitable for all ages. Entry under 18 is strictly prohibited. Any entry below this age will be a fundamental violation of these policies.
2.2 On the Website, content that may be interpreted by the public is published as difficult to view, if you think that it belongs to the public, you should not use the site content.
2.3 Content posted on the Site may be considered offensive or insulting, if you find yourself feeling this way by viewing the Content, you are required to stop using the Website, any use is at your sole risk.
2.4 The right to prevent participation, either partially or fully, temporarily or permanently reserved for Domina Kim. It may close the possibility of a surfer's entry without explanation, all in its sole discretion. A blocked user who, on behalf of another user, is blocked will violate the rules and this will serve as grounds for a claim.
2.5 Any Website View Contrary to Section 2 on Subsections, Not Only as the Surveyor's Exclusive Responsibility Violation if you observe contrary to section 2 on its sub-sections.


3. Copyright Infringement:
3.1 All advertisers on the site, including logos and all listed below, are a trade secret of Domina Kim. All that is advertised on the site is copyright and intellectual property of Domina Kim only. All content, images, videos, subtitles, articles, texts, trade name and names provided to everything on the site. In addition, the design of the Website, whether on the outside or in the manner of its operation, including: application software, files, graphics, codes and anything that exists and is not listed on the Website, is exclusively owned by Domina Kim and is its property and exclusive property. Absolutely prohibited: publish, reproduce, copy, photograph, display, transmit, distribute, deliver, make available to the public, modify, edit, process, create derivative works. In addition, you do not sell, use, rent or make any commercial use of yourself or through third parties, whether in return or in exchange, either through electronic means, or in print, photographic, recording, video, disk, disk, telephone, mechanical or computer means In no way and in any way. Violation of this section will constitute a fundamental violation and will serve as cause of action in accordance with Copyright Law 2007, Law on Amendment of Intellectual Property Law (Adaptation to the provisions of the Trips Agreement), 1999, Basic Law on Freedom of Occupation 1994, Commercial Law. 1999 - and other laws.


4. Links to other sites:
4.1 Domina Kim's Website There may be references / links to other websites. It is hereby clarified and agreed that there is no referral to any site. Domina Kim is not responsible for the content of the referenced site and does not control its content. It has nothing to do with and is posted on the referenced site, and has no consent or involvement in the content posted therein. It has nothing to do with the credibility of the site, its up-to-date, legality and privacy policies. The referenced site content may be counter to your needs, you should know that clicking the link is solely your responsibility, and any result that results from entering the referenced site has no direct or indirect link to Domina Kim.

5. Commercials:
5.1 It is clarified that Domina Kim has the right to publish on the site. Domina Kim may upload advertisements that are directly and unrelated to her, whether paid or not. The whole thing about the advertisement is in no way related to surfers. Domina has the exclusive right and everything in its sole discretion to publish anything, product or service, or remove advertising and everything as stated is in its sole discretion.
5.2 It should be clarified that the advertisement does not contain an offer or advice regarding the advertisement. Advertising does not constitute recommendation or encouragement or persuasion to purchase anything, product or service. Advertising does not constitute a substitute for opinions of any kind, or substitutes for your own independent judgment. The face of Domina Kim Legulas does not appear in the publication. The publication is solely indicative of its publication, and as mentioned, Domina has no direct or indirect responsibility for it.
5.3 It should be clarified and emphasized that Domina Kim is in no way responsible for any advertisements appearing on the Website. Any promotional content, its content, its reliability is the sole responsibility of the advertiser, even if it has been obtained by Domina Kim. The right to domina kim cancels / deletes / removes an advertisement for any reason you deem fit, and all as stated at its sole discretion.


6.1 It is clarified that it is strictly prohibited to upload abusive content to the site including comments: degrading, racist, derogatory, abusive, harassing, discriminatory or any comment or content may be interpreted as an improper response. It is strictly prohibited to upload links or references to other sites of any kind or content. It should be clarified that it is strictly prohibited to upload images / videos / voice / audio or anything related to the Website. It is hereby clarified that a violation of this section shall be considered a material breach and Domina Kim reserves the right to permanently remove you from the site in the event of a violation of this section, in addition to its right to remove any content.
6.2 If you like certain content that you watched, you are welcome to like and write a respectful comment, if you wish. If you choose to comment you should consider that your comment is exposed to other users who can see your username and read your comment.

6.3 Your response is strictly prohibited from labeling people you know or do not know, and there is also an absolute prohibition to raise an abusive, disrespectful, racist, discriminatory or any comment that may be construed by any party as inappropriate. Whether it is said to third parties or to Domina Kim's or God forbid. It is forbidden to use blatant language, to curse, to imply things, or to do anything contrary to these Terms of Use or prohibited by law.
6.4 It will be clarified and emphasized that Domina Kim has the right to remove surfing content. Any content that you find Domina Kim abusive, disparaging, racist, degrading or improper may be removed. And all according to her eyes. This is in its sole discretion without the need for explanations. In addition, Domina Kim may remove the user himself from content that he finds offensive or is content that violates one of the rules of this Bylaw, or is in violation of any law, or does not fit in his sole discretion for any reason. Of course, blocking the user will be free of charge, as explained in section 7.6.
6.5 It shall be clarified and emphasized that Domina Kim is not responsible for the comments posted by users. They are not responsible for any third party for content uploaded or compromised against them, if you act in violation of these rules and choose to upload any prohibited content, you will be required to submit Kim for any damages it may cause or may arise for the uploading of the content on your behalf or on behalf of a third party on your behalf.


7. Purchase:
7.1 It is clarified and agreed that any purchase on the Website, whether in the purchase of content, between the purchase of a product or the purchase of a service, is for personal use only and is the sole responsibility of the buyer.
7.2 There are two options for purchase on the Website. The surfer will be given the option to purchase a "Silver" or a "Gold" subscription. Silver subscription is a monthly subscription. The amount of subscribers appears on the site and Domina Kim has the right to change them from time to time as she sees fit and in her sole discretion. It will be made clear that there is no automatic renewal
Month. The subscription purchase is for one month only. At the end of the month the subscription will be locked and you can purchase again. With a Silver subscription, you can view photos and posts that are renewed at Domina Kim's discretion. In Gold Subscribe you can view multiple or different post images in addition to videos you can add to this subscription, all subject to Domina Kim's sole discretion.
7.3 It will be clarified and emphasized that the addition of content in both the Silver and Gold subscriptions is provided in the sole discretion of Domina Kim. There are no pictures at all and there is no promise to upload photos at different times. Domina Kim and she alone will decide if she wants to upload photos, and if so when. There is no obligation to upload photos, all subject to Domina Kim's sole discretion.
7.4 It is clarified that the subscription purchase is for viewing only images / videos / content and not for their purchase. As mentioned in section 3, it is absolutely forbidden to "take a screen shot" or copy and use pictures later. Viewing images, videos and content is allowed only for the duration of your subscription.

7.5 Each purchase will only be possible after registering for the site, by registering you are required to enter a username and password. The username and password are exclusive to you, must not be transferred and will be for your personal and personal use only.
7.6 It is clarified that after you order and purchase the subscription there is no cancellation option. Because this is digital content and because of that, you cannot order a subscription, be exposed to all the images and other virtual media appearing there and then request to cancel. If you are considering the viability of the transaction, please do not place the order until you are completely sure.
7.7 It is clarified and emphasized that although you purchase one of the above subscriptions, you receive one month of views of photos or videos, the payment is for the first moment. That is, when you sign up and pay you receive exposure to the photos. For these pictures, which you are exposed to immediately, you paid the subscription. To be promoted later is Domina Kim's way of indulging her clients.


8. Privacy:
8.1 After registering for the site, you can make one of the purchase options that interest you. Before you do, you need to know a few things about your privacy:
8.2 The site uses cookies and therefore your IP address can be stored in the repository. If you do not wish to do so, see section 9 on its sub-sections and section 9.5
8.3 Once you place your order and up to an hour later, you will be sent to the e-mail address you filled out in the registration confirmation payment form with the subscription you have chosen and the amount you paid. If you want additional receipt beyond the payment confirmation, you will be required to send an email to the email address on the website, and a further receipt will be sent to you within 3 business days.
8.4 By agreeing, you agree to receive advertisements from Domina Kim. Clicking the consent button and registering for the site testify to your express consent to receive advertising within the meaning of section 30A of the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting), 1982 (commonly known as the "Spam Law"). / Just a few hours and, as a result, the advertisement will send you an email / mobile phone number that you provided with your registration. If you do not wish to receive these messages, you can send a message to the e-mail that appears on the site, about your refusal and requesting that you receive the advertisements. .
8.5 The details of the information that you voluntarily submit and fill in on the website, including name, address and communication methods, will be stored securely in accordance with the Privacy Protection Law of 1981.
8.6 Before purchasing on the site, you should know that Domina Kim executes the clearing system through a clearing company, whose clearing system meets the strict PCI-DSS LEVEL 1 standard for credit card security and has

SSL certificate and all communications it secures. The system supports the EMV standard and has the ability to connect to PinPad devices to execute an EMV transaction.
8.7 Accordingly, the credit information is not retained on the Domina Kim website, the credit information is transmitted directly to the credit company that carries out the clearing, in an encrypted manner according to the debts and the standards that apply to it. In accordance with Section 8.7, Domina Kim will not be liable for any damage that may or may be caused by the use of the credit card.


9. Information:
9.1 It is clarified that by clicking the I agree button, you allow the Domina Kim website to make use of the information that is automatically collected by you through the site. Including information collected through information you provided or through the use of the Website. The information is intended to improve the content of the site or its externality and to make its browsing more pleasant.
9.2 In addition, Domina Kim may use the information that has been accumulated for statistical purposes and personal consumption in order to adjust the content offered on the site according to the content rating and to know what is the most viewed and favorite content. It will be made clear that your personal information will not be published.
9.3 It is clarified that Domina Kim's website may use cookies for proper and regular operation. With the help of cookies you can collect anonymous information about browsing needs, information security and the like. By using cookies you can adjust the content of the website to your personal preferences and thus make the use of the site more pleasant.
9.4 By using cookies that are automatically stored, the site may collect information for displaying ads that we think will be right for you. It should be clarified that these ads do not contain a suggestion or persuasion from Domina Kim to purchase a product or service and all at your own discretion. Section 5 on its sub-sections can also in this section.
9.5 If you do not want to use cookies, you can avoid this by simply changing your Internet browser settings. Domina Kim has nothing to do with it.
9.6 It will be clarified that Domina Kim will retain your information and use the usual means to do so. The provision of your information to third parties will only be in the case of a judicial order instructing Domina Kim to provide the information on the Site. Or in the case of a claim / claim / claim or legal proceedings between you and Domina Kim. Or in the event the user grossly violates these Terms of Use, or has committed a serious offense on Domina Kim's website, including any law, and is required to comply. Or in any other case where Domina Kim believes that providing the information is necessary to prevent serious harm to her.


10. Limitation of Liability:
10.1 By clicking the consent button, you hereby declare that you are solely responsible for any use that you choose to make on the Website, including content readings, product / service purchase, image / video viewing.

You will not have either a third party on your behalf or not on your behalf, whether directly or indirectly, any claim / claim / claim / appeal against Domina Kim.
10.2 It is clarified that Domina Kim has no responsibility for your decisions or your choice to purchase a product / service on the Site. It shall be clarified and emphasized that Domina Kim is not responsible and will not be liable for any damages / losses, whether financial or non-financial, caused to you or any third party as a result of the use of the Website.
10.3 It is clarified and emphasized that Domina Kim will have no responsibility for the use of the credit card. This includes if the credit is used without the consent of the cardholder. As explained in Section 8.7, the entire clearing passes through the clearing company and not directly from Domina Kim's site.

10.4 Domina clarified that Kim will not be responsible for any mishap that may occur on the site. By pressing the consent button you are exempting Domina Kim from liability for any damages of any kind that may be caused to you or to a third party as a result of on-site activity or technical malfunction of the site / hardware / software, etc.
10.5 It is clarified that it is Domina Kim's sole authority to decide the duration and termination of the site. In case of need, its liability is limited to the limit of the amount paid for that month only, in offsetting the days - that is, as stated, only if it has decided to stop the site permanently.
10.6 It is clarified that Domina Kim does not manufacture / import any of the products advertised on the Site. Accordingly, you will not be liable for any damages that may or may be caused, either directly or indirectly, to you or any third party on your behalf with respect to the products advertised on the site you have purchased and which are manufactured by a third party that is the manufacturer or importer.
10.7 Limitation of Liability, without prejudice to any of the foregoing, under no circumstances shall exceed the amount paid by you.


11. Applicable law:
11.1 It shall be clarified and emphasized that use of the Website does not create in any way whatsoever between contemporary and future, and shall not be construed as a partnership / a kind of partnership / any right / joint venture / agent / dealer / shipper / employer-employee relationship, etc., between you and anyone on your behalf and Domina Kim Or anyone who tastes it in any way or way.
11.2 It shall be clarified and emphasized that the use of the Website does not constitute in any way whatsoever and does not purport to constitute advice or any kind of advice in any area.

11.3 Arbitration Condition:
11.3.1 In the event of any dispute relating to you and Domina Kim, either directly or indirectly, between you or another party, between you and any third party related to you, this will be directed to the arbitrator. The parties will agree on the identity of the arbitrator, and select an arbitrator who understands the field.

11.3.2 It shall be clarified that the arbitration clause applies to the entire contract, it is not sufficient to determine whether the dispute is not between the parties not related to the contract or a dispute related to the clause in this contract.
11.3.3 It is clarified that this section, namely 11.3, is subject to change. If, prior to registering for the site, you do not agree with this arbitration condition, you must send an email to the site registered and inform you that you do not agree to the arbitration condition. In this case, once you have sent the message and received your message, but only you, a jurisdiction will apply. According to this contract and everything related to it, whether directly or indirectly, in the event of a dispute with Domina Kim, will be the jurisdiction of the exclusive court in Tel Aviv.


12. Indemnity:
12.1 By using your Website you represent that you agree to all of the terms stated in these Terms and Conditions. You agree to comply with all laws including laws / regulations / instructions, etc. relating to the use of the Website. You also undertake to comply with any of the provisions of these Articles, with its sub-sections. If you choose to act against any provision of law, or against any of these Articles, and this may cause damage to Domina Kim, you undertake to indemnify Domina Kim for any damage, loss, loss, payment, expense that it may cause. Either directly or indirectly. Including damage to reputation, financial loss and non-pecuniary damage, economic injury, commercial, and damages of any kind. In addition, you undertake to indemnify Domina Kim for attorney's fees and legal expenses incurred by her for any claim / claim / claim arising directly or indirectly, either by you or by a third party on your behalf, following any breach on your behalf. Violation of a law provision or clause of the articles of association, whether in the act or in default. To avoid the above, please comply with the law and the regulations.

by clicking the enter button I declare that I am over 18 years old !

I declare that I read and I understand the Terms of Use/site policy and all that is stated therein, and by clicking the enter button I agree to the Terms of Use/policy on the Website, and everything from now on applies to me and my sole responsibility. (2).png
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